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Maskimi Polyol Sdn. Bhd., a subsidiary company set up in 1997, is involved in the manufacturing and marketing of Natural Oil Polyol ('NOP') and NOP based Polyurethane systems, as well as providing necessary information and technical assistance to customers. The product is environmental friendly and is in high demand in industries such as building construction, refrigeration and furniture. The polyurethane is used as raw material for cold insulation, pipe insulation, roof panelling, furniture parts, spray foam, car bumper insert and others. A plant with an investment of RM8 million is set-up and located at Beranang, Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia.

70% of the production is for domestic market supply, while the balance 30% is for export to various countries especially in the Asian Region, such as Brunei, Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan and the Middle East.

In June 2007, the company penetrated into the PU Flexible Foam industry's flexible PU foam market, which is bigger than Rigid Polyol and offers opportunity for further growth. The company has also re-invented the NOP process so that it can be successfully applied in processing fish oil Polyol. 

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Product Range & Application


Maskimiol series is the Natural Oil Polyol ("NOP") with low molecular weight used extensively in the production of rigid/semi-rigid polyol blends. The full range of application of varying densities can be made with this NOP.


Maskimifoam 1 series is the environmental friendly Polyurethane spray-foam system from NOP for the external insulation of flat or gently sloping roofs and concrete slabs for commercial buildings.


Maskimifoam 2 series is the low-density high performance Polyisocyanurate foam system for insulation application of continuous panel, suitable for the production of processing-room, roofing insulation and general building panels.


Maskimifoam 5 series is used for the production of miscellaneous wood imitations and furniture parts where high mechanical properties are required. Mouldings can be produced using high pressure dispensing equipment. The mouldings exhibit a relatively even density distribution without the formation of a separate skinned surface.


Maskimifoam 7 series is a low & medium density Polyurethane foam system for Discontinued & Continuous Panel production, Slabs (Cold – room and general building insulation applications), Pre-insulated Pipes, Refridgerators, Ice Boxes, Wall Claddings, AHU and Pour-in-situ applications. It is characterised by excellent flowability giving rise to a uniform density distribution and low thermal conductivity with excellent foam cell structure. The foam is stable dimensionally even for very low temperatures.


Maskimifoam 9 series is for the block foam application. It is characterised by excellent flowability giving rise to a uniform and fine cell formation.

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